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4th December 2011

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Why Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Traffic Deaths →

I find this a bit bizarre and unexpected, but rather good news overall. I would much rather folks be smoking weed at home that racing around on the roads drunk. I don’t understand why the government has been so anti-Marijuana when the science does not back it up as being anymore harmful than the legal drugs that Americans consume in large quantities. 

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2nd October 2011

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Why Scientists Are Smarter Than Politicians →

This article is definitely biased by a scientific thinking, but as I am a scientific thinker, that is okay by me. Plus I would love to see a bit more reason and logic in political debates instead of all the emotional triggers that get people riled up without actually changing things or fixing any of Americas ever growing set of serious problems.

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18th September 2011

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Looking for Ronald Reagan — and Not Finding Him →

It may be the nostalgia of childhood because I will fully admit I was not that politically aware for Reagan’s terms in office, but those were good years in America and I thought he was doing a good job. It doesn’t seem like the times that have followed have been as good though we have had booms and busts. It could be that Reagan was lucky with the state of the country he was given and the fact that it was a relatively peaceful time or it may have been the skill of the man himself or more likely a little of both. It may also be that my memories are the fuzzy warm ones of a child, but it seems the current flock of GOP candidates with a few non-highly ranked ones, go beyond just not meeting a Reagan standard to being complete wackos. I am sure that the GOP has always had flaws, but it seems like it has taken a dramatic turn for the worse in recent years and that saddens me. 

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17th July 2011

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Farewell to Sharks (And Yes, That's a Bad Thing) →

A good piece on why we are so afraid of sharks and why sharks are actually a good part of a healthy ocean ecosystem. I have seen a number of initiatives for shark preservation lately, and I think that is a very good sign. Sharks pose very little threat to humans and provide a valuable part of the ocean ecosystem. I hope that the shark preservation campaign continues to grow.

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8th July 2011

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Animal Cruelty: Could a Barbaric Pig-Handling Video Hurt Major Grocery Chains? →

I am not watching the video because I don’t need to see that type of thing, and the description in the article is bad enough. However, from my understanding most of these things are standard industry practice and quite legal. I suspect if most Americans saw the condition of the meat they ate before it was slaughtered, they would give serious considerations to not eating it.

And I am almost as bad as most Americans. We eat grass fed beef, some game, and cage free eggs, but our pork and chicken probably come from Australian factory farms that are no better than the US ones. The article is correct that the best way for Americans to improve conditions of farms is to not buy factory farm meat. It is healthier, healthier for you, and taste better. However, in rough economic times it is a hard choice to make as it is also more expensive.

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7th July 2011


Too Many Women Dying in U.S. While Having Babies →

This is really alarming. The US maternity mortality rate has doubled from 1987 to 2006. No, it is not super high, but it is going in the wrong direction. It is higher than 40 other countries. This is shameful for a country that is supposed to have the best healthcare in the world.

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23rd June 2011

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Tip for Insomniacs: Cool Your Head to Fall Asleep →

Thankfully, I am a good sleeper, but I know several people who aren’t. I thought this article might interest them.

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30th April 2011


Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin →

I think this article fails to emphasize the importance of exercise for general health, and I have always assumed to lose weight I have to exercise *and* eat less. However, there is some good information in the article as well.

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26th April 2011


How to Save a Trillion Dollars →

I agree with parts of this article, but I strongly disagree with a lot of it as well. I think having a strong military is important and that the US had a lot of out of date hardware that they have been upgrading in recent years. However, I do think there are savings that could be made in the defense budget that would save money and maintain adequate defense. I think combining intelligence agencies, reducing overhead and administration, and reductions of troops in non-critical areas are all good things. But I also think it is important to keep our carrier groups in operation as they are are portable bases that can get to almost anywhere in the world quickly for both military and natural disaster aid reasons. I think it is important to keep our troops in strategic locations like Japan, Korea, and Germany to support our allies though in some cases those troop numbers may be higher than necessary.

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15th April 2011


The Budget Axe: Why Homeless Veterans but Not NASCAR? →

I have to agree that at a time you are cutting veteran benefits, perhaps you should also cut your NASCAR sponsorship.

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25th March 2011


Origin of Life: An Old Experiment Yields New Clues →

It is cool that they were able to go back and reanalyze the initial results with more modern analytics to find even more supporting evidence.

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23rd March 2011


The Quicksilver Mess →

An amazing amount of trouble a few teenagers and some mercury can get into. I actually enjoy playing with mercury, but it needs to be treated with respect.

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19th March 2011

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Tiger Moms: Is Tough Parenting Really the Answer? →

I think with most things everything in moderation, but some of the points in the article make a lot of sense to me. I do think that rote memorization does not get enough practice in American schools. I think that parents should set high, but reasonable expectations for their children and push them towards those goals. Several articles I have read recently mentioned the importance of praising effort and work at an early age instead of merely praising “goodness.” I think it is important that rewards be for actual achievements and not just for being present.

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