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25th August 2011

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A Christian Plot for Domination? →

My first impression is, is this stuff for real? If these two candidates are really the religious wackos that they appear to be, how in the world are they being discussed as serious contenders for the US presidential race? I honestly don’t know anything about Rick Perry, but the more I hear about Michele Bachmann the more I am confused as to why she is holding any kind of US office, much less a serious contender for the GOP nomination. Has the country gone insane? This article reads like a weird conspiracy theory that I would generally not take too seriously, but EVERYTHING about Michele Bachmann seems to read like a weird conspiracy theory.

I have no issue with people being Christian or any other religion when taken in moderation, but religious extremism in any form tends to worry me. Actually, most extremism worries me, and I don’t really want to see the US being run by an extremist of any kind.

So I am not sure that I believe the Christian plot for domination, but the frequency with this type of article and Michele Bachmann has me worried.

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27th March 2011


How does the social media giant decide who and what to put in your feed? Tom Weber conducts a one-month experiment to break the algorithm, discovering 10 of Facebook's biggest secrets. →

October 20, 2010: “Interesting experiment to see what does and does not appear on Facebook Feeds.”

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