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6th November 2011

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Chart of the day: College tuition is out of control →

A nice chart showing the education bubble in America. What the commentary does not mention as a possible cause is student loans. Though I know student loans have done a lot of good for a lot of people that could not have gone to college otherwise, there is no limit or reasonable expenses set on the loans. If you get into a college, you can get a loan to pay for it no matter how much that institution costs so why not raise college rates faster than inflation. The common “wisdom” in the US is that a college education will more than pay for itself no matter what subject you major in or how much that school costs. Thus students and parents haven’t been paying attention to those rising costs or at least have not been paying as much attention as they should have. A college education today is NOT better than the college education that my parents got so it should cost pretty much the same inflation adjusted.

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