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1st October 2011

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How Lobbyists Are Spinning Weak Science to Defend BPA →

Lobbyists for plastics an BPA are really starting to bother me. The EPA’s study sounds like a complete farce if they did not look at BPA levels in the foods the subjects were eating. Plus this who BPA in cans bothers me anyway. Canned food should be safe. It is metal, but obviously it is not. So what can we store our food in these days? Glass, I suppose.

I also think this line is interesting: “Japan took BPA out of can linings and receipt papers in the 1990s” and I wonder what they use instead. And I have to wonder if THAT is safe since it seems that most of the BPA-free replacement chemicals may have similar problems, but aren’t nearly as well studied.

One good thing is the BPA issue seems to be getting more traction in serious publications like the Atlantic which I think is a good sign.

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